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How to Decide What Kind of Lawyer You Want to Be

A lawyer is a person whose counsel is taken when interpreting people’s association or dissociation with law. The role of a lawyer in society is important at various levels and thus we have lawyers of different kinds, each specializing in a field that people need help in. Becoming a lawyer is not very easy. You will have to undergo a special course in a law school. The question is, once you do, then what? You are literally spoilt for choices when it comes to deciding a branch of law that you can take up i.e. specialize in. You have the choice to practice on your own, which allows you to be your own boss. You can take up cases as and when they come to you. Usually such things are dependent on reputation and are for those people who don’t want to acquire the pressures of working on big cases. However if you want to make money, this is a something that will limit your clientele to people who can’t afford big lawyers for their case. In that case you could look at the other avenues.

You can be a corporate lawyer. This way you will work with a corporate house that will refer to you amongst others in their team of lawyers for legal aid on issues of corporate importance. With the advent of the era of technology, corporate houses are much in demand. There is fast growth of multinational companies across the world. And therefore these companies hire a corporate lawyer to render a legal structure to them. And also to help them save their skin in case they land up in any sort of trouble.

You can also go in for a humanitarian layer job. Working with nonprofit organizations and NGOs might not pay you a lump sum of amount but it gives back something else instead. You gain a lot of mental peace and satisfaction working there. The NGOs need lawyers to fight cases on poverty issues to government atrocities to gender issues and lawyers help to fins the legal angle to it. Media houses and newspapers need lawyers to get a legal point of view of news and hire them to get a legal angle to what is making news. It is important to hire legal persons because it explains to the readers a more technical side of the entire thing.

One can engage themselves in Law enforcing bodies CIA and FBI and so on. Most law enforcing bodies have requirement for a legal support system. Therefore there is much demand of lawyers in this particular field.

If one has the knack and the passion they can go in for administrative jobs. There is place for trained lawyers. Because of their impeccable knowledge of law and policies they can fit in well as able administrators.

Lawyers Job

It is said that the job of a lawyer is one of the most respectable ones. Lots of students are interested in law and they look for the lawyer’s job once they become a graduate in law. Some even choose to go for the higher studies so that they can work better and are eligible for higher posts. There are lots of jobs for lawyers that are available these days. You just need to choose the right kind of job for yourself.

You can either practice individually or you can even belong to a law firm. Lots of students these days think that the lawyer work is cool and awesome. Other than this, this kind of jobs also has a lot of challenges. People who love to work under pressure and love challenges will surely go for these jobs. There are different kinds of lawyers and they work on different kinds of cases. It is very important to learn about the job description of a lawyer before you choose to become one.

If you gain a lot of experience as a lawyer you can even try for the post of a judge which is much more respectable. There are usually two broad categories to which the lawyer’s jobs belong. A lawyer can either be criminal lawyer or corporate lawyer. The corporate lawyers usually have a specialization in the corporation laws. On the other hand the criminal lawyers usually plead to the court on the behalf of the criminals. The actual work of the lawyers is to advice the clients regarding various legal matters as well as business transactions.

Other than this, they also deal with various lawsuits, obligations and legal rights and claiming liability. They also interpret the rules and regulations as well as the laws to their clients. They analyze the outcome of the cases that they deal with. They present as well as summarize the cases that they present to the juries as well as the judges. They also need to perform certain management and administrative functions which is related to law. Other than this, they also work as trustee, agents, and guardian and even as executor for some individuals as well as businesses.

So if you are interested in the lawyer employment then you might want to know how to become a lawyer. If you choose lawyer work as career then you must always place justice and truth above everything else. You must also remember that to perform a lawyer’s job you must work as well as study very hard. You need to pass high school, get a 4year degree, appear for the LSAT exam, become a graduate from law school and then finally study as well as pass the bar exam.

Tips That Every Lawyer Should Know

Leadership quality is absolutely essential in every lawyer irrespective of the fact whether he owns a law firm or not. The reason: Every lawyer needs to be a leader of his/her mind, body and soul. As a leader you will need a mission, mission goal and most essentially a plan. If however you work in a big law firm you will need to abide by the set standards; the set plans. However it is by facing challenges alone that you get the best leadership qualities. Even if you are not a lawyer leadership qualities are necessary for everyone in lawyer careers. Here are a few handy tips which both entry level lawyer jobs aspirants and seasoned legal professionals will find to be very beneficial. Read on to know all about it.

1) The first thing you will need to generate is a very strong vision of the law firm you own or are working at. Know how you want the company to prosper and grow. Share the same views with your counterparts and inspire them to put in their 100%.

2) Plan everything in advance. Chalk out a strategy for every week and let all that matters know of it. Your mission for each week must be closely associated with your company’s growth and meeting the missions will be a good step by step strategy to achieve the goal.

3) Another thing to pen down is your annual marketing plan. DO not just pen it down and keep ignoring it to give priority to other work. Execution is the second and most vital step of planning. Every professional at your firm must realize his responsibility in making the plan a success.

4) Ensure that your team works as one and does not keep competing amongst themselves for personal gain. Encourage team spirit.

5) As a leader you will need to have big goals about which the other employees are excited and thus work with determined efforts.

6) You will also need to interact with each and every employee at work and give a patient hearing to them. Try to know what the problems are and try harder to find solutions. You are responsible for resolving issues and hence must work on it dedicatedly.

7) Make sure you keep constant checks on your business plan. If the execution of the plan is on track there will be no stopping you from reaching new heights.

8) Summon your employees from time to time and give then a fair feedback related to their work. They must know how on track they are to achieving their goals.

9) Appreciate your staff for the determined efforts they put in to make your missions reality. You should make sure you acknowledge the whole teams work and also every individual in person when you meet the slightest of success.

Intellectual Property Lawyer Jobs

It is hard to imagine a world without any law and even harder to imagine a society without lawyers. Lawyers have been playing a vital role in maintaining peace in the society and work according to laws that is acceptable to everyone. Lawyers have long been appointed to look after property disputes and other related matters – thus the word ‘property’ is clear to us.

But what about Intellectual property? What is it? The term originated when there arose a serious need for a law to govern the intellectual properties of an individual. For example, it is something that can be called an idea or an individual’s expression – in the form of a book or poetry or can even be art and music.

Thus, a new position of lawyer’s, intellectual property job was created. Such jobs need lawyers who are experienced as well as well-versed in the relatively new law. There is a growing demand for lawyers who specialize in the intellectual property laws and individual rights over their intellectual properties. The very fact that the lawyer has to deal with something that cannot be seen like a building or land and exists in the artists’ minds – this makes it a challenging job and a mere qualification and degree won’t do any good.

You have to specialize in the following four areas:

•Patent Law

•Copyright law

•Trade Secret Law and

•Trademark Law

What you need to do as a Lawyer?

•The best time to engage a person and educate him about his IP rights would be when the individual is starting out and the idea is in its nascent stage. This will give you and the artist, sufficient time to ponder and clear the legal loopholes and the artist would be on his way to making the biggest hit of his career!

•You, as a lawyer would have to do lots of writing and reading work and refer to the cases that have come to the fore. Though the IP rights cases are not as numerous as the other cases, still a good job can be done in case you’re well-versed and know what you’re doing.

•The remuneration is at par with the best paying lawyer jobs and if you can get hold of case that involves a big artist name, there is no limit to your earnings! Although a strenuous job, this is a rewarding experience that you will cherish your whole life.

Intellectual property laws and rights are still in the formative years and a lot of exhaustive work needs to be done before the law can reach a standard where it would be hard for a ‘pirate’ to gain from piracy.

Lawyer Job Search

There is practically no area left where lawyers can’t get a job. But still, for the sake of clarification, here’s a quick list.

Areas where lawyers can practice

• Finance/Banking

• Construction/Property/Real Estate

• Corporate Law/Commercial

• Criminal Law

• Employment

• Energy

• Funds

• Information Technology

• Insurance and related areas

• Intellectual Property

• Media/Sports/Entertainment

• Transport and Logistics

The above mentioned main areas more or less, cover all the areas where you can practice as a lawyer. And you’re searching for a job?

Job Profile for Lawyer Jobs

You will need the following skill sets clearly segregated into the above mentioned different areas of work and operation:


If you’re into money and related matters, you will no doubt have to have a degree in law and commerce. And preferably, if you’re a post-graduate, you will need to have additional degrees in finance too. Experience always counts and here too, the scenario is not much different.

If you have had some experience in a financial institution and practiced, it will definitely help you to gain an upper hand while job searching. Needless to say, more experience means a better pay!

Property and Crime

Property disputes can turn ugly – therefore it is important for you to get hold of some good criminal law books too. A short-term course on criminal laws and property can be a great help, especially when handling the case of the people who are actually at fault!

Similarly, real estate jobs can be one of the highest paying jobs.


This is a sunrise sector for many countries and international relations are dependent on the same. Thus, it is not hard to guess that a degree in laws pertaining to energy will take you places!


Technology law – especially in the IT sector and prospects to earn in thousands has gone up further with the advent of everything being dependent on information technology. Therefore there is a great opportunity for growth here.

Intellectual Property

People, especially artists have risen to a new movement and law to curb piracy and rightfully claim to what is theirs. Thus came the concept of intellectual property; amongst the highest salary jobs in law.


The entertainment and the sports industry is amongst the fastest growing and the most profitable areas of operation. And need we tell you that a good lawyer can earn in millions here?

Job search for a lawyer is a paradoxical term! Simply, because lawyers do not have any dearth of jobs at all! Only if you want to change your operational areas then considering a lawyer job search is required. But then, if you’re already practicing, you’ll know where to apply for the best results.

Lawyer Jobs

Maybe you’ve seen the new legal series on ABC, The Deep End? The freshman corporate lawyers on the show lead attractive lives; they spend their days in snappy suits, work on a civilized tempo, obtain understanding and hope from their superiors, and also have the time and energy for teasing, small talk and the small joys of a white-collar position. Living in the imaginary superrich law firm of Sterling Huddle Oppenheim & Craft in the show, appears as removed from everyday life as it actually is, played out like it is in a glass skyscraper high above Los Angeles. The only real allocation designed to actuality in the show originates from tough-man grumblings of how they have got to control with the workload. The show was created 2 yrs ago, in the days prior to the meltdown, and in today’s environment of factory lawyer jobs, it appears pathetically obsolete.

There are no more starting salaries closing in on $200,000 a year; there won’t be any company fringe benefits, zero fast tracks to partnership, and no champagne and massages in the evenings. The lawyer’s profession is within one among its most severe low points in years. Attorney jobs are being trimmed almost everywhere – there have been nearly 5000 cutbacks this past year. Good legal employment today could be being employed at all, in a new task, maybe, protecting poor people for a living wage. Lawyers today earn money from the outcomes they bring in, not for potential. The pressure to perform is relentless, and that can drive fresh law graduates to enjoyably adopt a different job, tending bar.

Students who began law school a few years ago when it was all roses and champagne, entered, after graduating, an enormous amount of changed rules in legal employment. They woke up from their dreams of popularity and fortune into this heedless, dog-eat-dog world. Company lawyers have traditionally discovered their billable hours coming from real estate, financial services, and the tech industry. Almost all these industries have suffered terribly in the great recession of 2008. There are no more billable hours; work get compensated through the case. And an associate at a law firm that works extremely effectively at the lawyer jobs he’s given, still has no guarantee of occupation. Somebody that makes business, wins in litigation, or rallies the team around, and does this all at a major law office and has a significant degree, is still often disposable. Legal professionals now have definitely been lining up for therapy for tension and depression.

Law graduates are even ready to obtain a big pay cut in exchange for sensible, constant employment; but attorney jobs of that ranking are usually luxurious too in the current atmosphere. It might be hard to believe it, however lawyer jobs that ask of you nothing higher than a steady civilized pace today, pay nothing more than a job flipping burgers at McDonald’s, if you will go through the hourly rate. They must be rivaling what lawyers charge over in China, the Philippines and Bangalore. India has created a difference. Lawyer jobs are being farmed out, outsourced. Lawyers once had battle in them to protest something that jeopardized on their privileges. With compromise crowding them from every direction, protest and battle are no longer an attorney’s alternative.

How to Become a Successful Lawyer

What kind of work excites you? There are different kinds of career fields present these days. The opportunities are increasing with time but the competition is also increasing at the same time. Whichever field you might choose you will have to face a tough competition. Are you interested in lawyer jobs?

Legal career can be quite interesting. If you love to face challenges then this career is one of the best choices for you. There are some people who think that becoming a lawyer is an easy job. But this is not so. In fact it is quite tough.

If you want to become a successful lawyer then you must be ready for hard work for at least 6 to 7 years. If you are successful in law school only then you can go ahead to become one of the successful lawyers of the country.

Attorney jobs have so popular these days that a large section of students are trying out this field. This is the reason why the competition has increased. But do you know how to become a lawyer? There are certain steps which can help you get the legal jobs.

After finishing your school you must take up a bachelor degree course. This course is usually a four year program. You can choose any subject for your high school but it is always better to choose a law related subject in your degree course.

A major in the law subject will take you some steps ahead in your law career. After you pass out your bachelor’s degree you need to enter into a good law school. The major will also help you get you admission in the law school.

You can enter into the law field from any background. After the bachelors degree program you must take the admission test to the law school which is known as LSAT. This is an examination which helps you test your ability in taking up law as your profession.

It is very important for you to understand whether you are fit for the lawyer jobs or not. You must also remember that there are different types of lawyers. Criminal lawyers, civil lawyers are two of the most common types.

After you complete your law school and start practicing it is important for you to choose the type which suits your profile. If you want to become a successful lawyer and to perform well in the lawyer jobs then you must also have certain qualities present in you.

You must be honest and truthful to your clients. You must always be helpful and try your best to provide complete justice to them. After you become a lawyer you must not leave your studies.

Lawyer Jobs

If you have made up your mind to build a career in law you might want to look up at job opportunities this field has to offer. Law being the most booming career option of the day is offering numerous opportunities in many different offices. Studying law no more means that you can just be a lawyer. In fact there are many more law careers which will make you earn far more than the most popular of lawyers. Here go five of the most popular lawyer job opportunities of the day:

1) Civil Litigation: This job indeed is a necessity of the current turmoil in the economic scenario. Recent times have seen a steady growth in the number of litigations every year. Businessmen had higher expectations but it seems that not meeting up to the expectations have compelled them to consult legal professionals with managing their finances. Lawyers specializing in fields concerning civil litigation like insurance defence, commercial litigation, labour and employment, class action, regulatory action and personal injury lawsuits are especially in demand these days.

2) Green Law: The recent times have also seen a growing awareness for saving the environment. Environment laws are now being taken more seriously. With the advancements in the field of technology there has also been a growth in the all round awareness. Issues like global warming, greenhouse effect, deforestation, renewable energy sources are catching up. Environment law professionals guide people along the green business thing. This is indeed one of the most interesting of lawyer jobs.

3) Labour and Employment Law: Recession has hit the global market and it has hit hard. Cost cutting has seen thousands of employees being unemployed in seconds. This calls for employment lawsuits which needs expert professionals to deal with them. If you are looking for challenging law careers this indeed is one. Even after the recession is over and the professionals have their jobs back they will definitely require to file for litigations which in turn will make way for many lawyer jobs.

4) Intellectual Property Law: This is often considered to be the most powerful asset possessed by any company. With the recent progress in science and technology there has been a huge rise in upcoming authors, businessmen, musicians and other creative work professionals who keep looking for exclusive rights to secure their creations from being stolen and use for personal benefits. These lawyer or attorney jobs require legal professionals to be experts at trademarks, copyrights, industrial design rights, patents and trade secrets. This indeed is another challenging attorney career but also one which pays huge amounts.

5) E-discovery Practice: The developed technology calls for legal professionals to safeguard electronic data. Discovering and managing this data is a very important requirement for the technical companies something for which they eagerly pay lawyers millions of dollars. A professional needs to be specialized in preserving, identifying, producing and reviewing electronic data in litigation. This electronic data is usually referred to as electronically stored information (ESI).

Lawyer Jobs

Lots of opportunities are coming up these days for the students. They have the opportunity to choose the field which they prefer and make proper advancements in their career. It is always important to choose the career which interests you the most.

You should never compromise with your choice in this case because a forced choice might even ruin your career. Legal field has gained quite a lot of popularity among students these days. There has been a steep rise in the number of lawyer jobs opportunities in the country in the recent times.

In the present scenario therefore these jobs have become the hottest jobs as well as the most wanted opportunities. If you are looking for the attorney jobs then you can do so in a number of places.

These job opportunities are available on the internet as well as from the local newspapers. These are high paying job opportunities and they can provide you with compete job satisfaction. The top ten lucrative lawyer jobs available these days are for the fresher as well as for experienced lawyers.

1. Law jobs can provide you with lucrative opportunities to practice in the court. Other than this, you can even start practicing on your own which can also fetch you quite a handful of money. You must always try to climb the ladder of success by gathering more knowledge and experience in this field.

2. Government attorney jobs can also be a lucrative offer. Here you have a secure job and you can learn from your own mistakes.

3. If you do not want to fight cases in the courtroom you can opt for the paralegal jobs. Paralegals are people without whom the lawyers are basically nothing.
The paralegals are responsible for reducing the job of the real lawyer. All the paper work as well as research work is usually done by the paralegals.

4. Corporate lawyers are the hottest trends these days. The corporate companies require lawyers for bankruptcies, mergers as well as acquisitions. These companies usually do not take any important step without consulting their lawyers.

5. Entry level lawyer jobs can also provide you with lucrative opportunities. They help you learn the job and gather useful experience which can be used to achieve success in this field. They pay might not be very good in the beginning but it will improve.

6. To start with lawyer jobs you can choose to the law student jobs. You can join law firms as interns.

7. Real estate attorney jobs can also be interesting in this field. People who join this field usually get at least $60,000 per annum.

8. Medical attorneys also have a lucrative career.

9. You can try out the position of legal secretaries.

10. Check out the position of celebrity lawyers.

Before Getting an Environmental Lawyer Job

Environmental law firms handle a variety of cases involving environmental related issues and are one of the best places to get an environmental lawyer job. It is important before searching for a job as an environmental lawyer that you do some research. You want to be sure that you understand what the job entails, the education that you need and what to expect during your job hunt and once you find a job.

Working in Environmental Law:
An environmental lawyer job will involve preparing cases, working with clients and going to trial. Environmental law focuses on cases involving individuals or companies that have violated environmental laws or otherwise threatened the welfare of the environment. A lot of the focus is on businesses that are harming the environment and not following the laws relating to environmental safety.

To get an environmental lawyer job it is necessary to go to college and law school, plus pass the bar exam in the state or states in which you will practice. Studying to be an environmental lawyer requires taking courses in various areas of law including administrative and alternative dispute resolution. You will also have to take courses specific to environmental law, such as air pollution, conservation, ecology, and Federal Natural Resource law.

Job Outlook and Salary:
A career in environmental law has an average growth estimate as predicted by government economists. As environmental issues continue to dominate the government and the minds of the public, it is possible for growth to be slightly more than predicted. Growth also depends on current environmental lawyers. If there is a surge in retirement, then job openings could be more than expected.

Environmental law salary, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2004, was about $73,000 for lawyers working within the government. Salary can vary depending on where you work. Jobs are available from a variety of different employers. These include private firms, various government agencies at different levels of government and businesses of varying sizes. Jobs are available to prosecute against environmental offenders and defend them. The salary can also vary depending on which side of a case you are working.

Getting a job as an environmental lawyer requires some serious commitment. Many lawyers who are involved in this area of law have some personal interest in the environment and are passionate about protecting it or they feel the need to protect those who are being prosecuted for violating environmental laws.