Lawyer Job Search

There is practically no area left where lawyers can’t get a job. But still, for the sake of clarification, here’s a quick list.

Areas where lawyers can practice

• Finance/Banking

• Construction/Property/Real Estate

• Corporate Law/Commercial

• Criminal Law

• Employment

• Energy

• Funds

• Information Technology

• Insurance and related areas

• Intellectual Property

• Media/Sports/Entertainment

• Transport and Logistics

The above mentioned main areas more or less, cover all the areas where you can practice as a lawyer. And you’re searching for a job?

Job Profile for Lawyer Jobs

You will need the following skill sets clearly segregated into the above mentioned different areas of work and operation:


If you’re into money and related matters, you will no doubt have to have a degree in law and commerce. And preferably, if you’re a post-graduate, you will need to have additional degrees in finance too. Experience always counts and here too, the scenario is not much different.

If you have had some experience in a financial institution and practiced, it will definitely help you to gain an upper hand while job searching. Needless to say, more experience means a better pay!

Property and Crime

Property disputes can turn ugly – therefore it is important for you to get hold of some good criminal law books too. A short-term course on criminal laws and property can be a great help, especially when handling the case of the people who are actually at fault!

Similarly, real estate jobs can be one of the highest paying jobs.


This is a sunrise sector for many countries and international relations are dependent on the same. Thus, it is not hard to guess that a degree in laws pertaining to energy will take you places!


Technology law – especially in the IT sector and prospects to earn in thousands has gone up further with the advent of everything being dependent on information technology. Therefore there is a great opportunity for growth here.

Intellectual Property

People, especially artists have risen to a new movement and law to curb piracy and rightfully claim to what is theirs. Thus came the concept of intellectual property; amongst the highest salary jobs in law.


The entertainment and the sports industry is amongst the fastest growing and the most profitable areas of operation. And need we tell you that a good lawyer can earn in millions here?

Job search for a lawyer is a paradoxical term! Simply, because lawyers do not have any dearth of jobs at all! Only if you want to change your operational areas then considering a lawyer job search is required. But then, if you’re already practicing, you’ll know where to apply for the best results.